CRC Tower, M.Thai Tower and Capital Tower

CRC Tower, M.Thai Tower and Capital Tower are the three magnificent office towers at All Seasons Place. With a combined floor area of 123,000m2, All Seasons Place is one of the largest commercial property developments in Bangkok's CBD. From the top of CRC Tower, the tallest of the three buildings and one of the tallest buildings in Bangkok's CBD with a total area of 63,000m2, clients and guests enjoy a splendid, breathtaking panoramic view of the city: Bangkok's spectacular skyline is painted across the horizon for you. This remarkable experience is exclusively available to those at the very top of what is truly Bangkok's most prominent high-rise. M.Thai Tower and Capital Tower, also part of the All Seasons family, are the magnificent twins. Each with a total area of 30,000m2, M.Thai Tower and Capital Tower provide offices with the same degree of luxury and prestige that comes with the All Seasons name. All three towers are bestowed with the very best in architecture, convenience, safety, and security that are now an essential part of the contemporary Bangkok lifestyle. The very highest standards of luxury and exclusivity, applied to the All Seasons corporate setting within Bangkok, are comparable to any international location around the world.